Alexis Desaulniers - Lea
Alexis Desaulniers-Lea
Alternative Photographer

About Me

I'm a Canadian born photographer, photographing since the age of 14 in both traditional film and darkroom mediums as well as digital. Originally from Montreal, Canada, I've now lived in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. Currently I'm settled in Melbourne, Australia. I am compelled to create images that are provocatively vulnerable and personal but that tell a story through colour, texture, and mood. My focus is based in conceptual editorial work, live music/burlesque, nudes and portraiture. Contact me by email if you're interested in working together.

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Live Gig/ Event $100 (1hr) $300-400 (3hrs inquire)

Location Shoot $350 (2 Hours) 10-12 Images

Studio $300 (3 Hours) 10-12 Images


*All requested additional images cost $15 CA extra.

* I require both parties (myself and you) to sign a contract made by myself that outlines our agreement. In other words, what I am promising you and what you are promising me. All contracts must be signed prior to our shoot date.
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